Recall System


We believe that we must act in such a way that you obtain only benefits for your teeth. That is why we apply our Recall system , successfully tested on thousands of patients.

Our system is to keep a careful record of our dental patients to inform them of when is the best time to visit us , review their oral health and maintain our philosophy of prevention:

  • We believe in the cleaning and regular prophylaxis instead of “medicine repair”
  • We believe in preserving the tooth instead of replacing the tooth
  • We believe in preserving and treating well the natural tooth substance

Basic cleaning

– eliminating all the tartar (calculus) you have and

– polishing all your teeth


– evaluating your oral hygiene technique,

– repeated antibacterial rinses,

– eliminating all the tartar you have,

– eliminating superficial stainings on your teeth,

– polishing your teeth,

– teaching you how to use dental floss and the new technologies, like AirFloss,

– passing dental floss through all the interdental spaces,

– disinfecting your tongue,

– applying a powerful fluoride for more protection,

– teaching you a correct brushing technique.

Preventive program

A preventive program represents a common effort on the part of the patient, the dentist, and the whole dental team to preserve your natural teeth and the neighboring structures, to avoid the appearance, progress and re-appearance of dental diseases and/or negative conditions.

The prevention of dental diseases begins at home with good oral hygiene and a healthy diet. It continues in the dentist´s office with the efforts of your dental team to promote, restore and maintain your oral health.

It also includes periodic examinations, cleanings and x-rays. These are complemented with sealers and fluoride treatments to protect your teeth.

Prevention is crucial for a healthy, brilliant and pretty smile.

We recommend two appointments per year: prophylaxis and basic cleaning. You keep your dental health at a high level… of course together with intense and regular hygiene at home.

Dental Exam

Your first appointment will be approximately one hour long. We will give you a thorough dental exam and will discuss with you all the details.

During the periodic examinations, the following will be done:

An exam for dental diseases: all dental surfaces will be examined with special instruments.

An examination of existing restorations: the actual fillings, crowns, bridges, etc, will be examined.

An exam of soft tissue: gums, bones and all soft tissue of the mouth will be examined.


If x-rays are needed, they can be done instantly with a digital X-ray system that produces much less radiation than the systems used until now. Dental x-rays offer us additional information that is invisible in a normal exam. Anomalies or hidden diseases can be detected with that information, and the x-rays help choose the right therapy;

Detecting dental problems in an early phase can spare you time, money, and unnecessary pain and… save your teeth.

About the security of X-rays:

We are all exposed to natural radiation in our surroundings. A complete series of mouth x-rays corresponds approximately to the exposition that a person would receive from natural sources during a whole day

Therefore, dental x-rays produce low radiation and can be considered safe. We also have equipped our clinic with a digital x-ray system that reduces even more the radiation. In addition, we take all the necessary measures to limit exposition; for example, the use of lead coverings to protect the body.


We have the latest technology and the latest equipment to make your visit more enjoyable.

We are experts in making you smile and on top we do it without any pain for you, thanks to the use and further training in conscious sedation techniques, no needles, no side effects.

Our office is located in a very convenient location for our patients, they can get in with their own vehicles or public transport.


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