Our philosophy is based on oral health. Therefore, we always treat our patients with the most advanced treatments and the maximum quality. In our clinic, Customer Service and information are as important to us as the quality and the excellence of our work.

We are a dental team dedicated to restoring and improving the natural beauty of your smile by using modern and state-of-the-art methods.

High Standards

Our standards of excellence help us in our obligation to offer optimum dental care which our patients enjoy.

With careful planning and the use of the best aesthetic and restorative dentistry, we achieve your maximum dental health.

We always make an effort to take care of you as soon as possible even when you do not have an appointment and have a dental emergency.

Prevention and Instruction

We believe that preventive care and education are the keys to reaching maximum oral health.

We are convinced that it is better to offer you dental healthcare rather than reparation of the disease, although if it has already occurred, we make an effort to give you the best solution. Therefore, we focus on detailed examinations, doing all the necessary tests.

We also want to instruct you on how to brush your teeth, how to use dental floss and how to scrape your tongue in an effective way. We are not only looking for the beauty of your smile but above all, we are concerned about your health. By revising your medical history periodically, you help us to be informed about your general state of health and any new medicine you may be taking that could have an impact on your dental health.

Security without worry

Infection control is essential for us. In order to protect our patients, as well as ourselves, we follow strictly and exceed the guidelines of all the processes of disinfection, sterilization and crossed contamination prevention as determined by the standards of the European Community and the United States. The Clinic is equipped with the most modern system of sterilization controlled by computer and registered according to protocol.

Your positive experience

A solid basis of trust is fundamental for us. Therefore, we treat our patients the same way we would treat ourselves. We understand perfectly that some patients might feel uncomfortable on their visit to the dentist. That is why we are always looking for the possibility of making a difference, offering you a relaxing and positive experience.

Arrange your appointment today... We know how to make you smile!


We have the latest technology and the latest equipment to make your visit more enjoyable.

We are experts in making you smile and on top we do it without any pain for you, thanks to the use and further training in conscious sedation techniques, no needles, no side effects.

Our office is located in a very convenient location for our patients, they can get in with their own vehicles or public transport.


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