Dental Tourism


We can attend our patients in Spanish, English, German, French, Valencian and Portuguese. Because Dr. Gomez has studied in Germany and the United States, we have many German and English-speaking patients.


The clinic is located in a modern area of Valencia, within 10 minutes from the airport.

There are four hotels at a three minutes walk from the clinic.

They have a comfortable connection with metro and buses in less than 5 minutes to downtown Valencia.

Economic Transportation

The cost of transportation to Valencia may be surprisingly economical. Besides being able to travel with the big international airlines, like Iberia, AirEuropa, British Airways, Alitalia etc, there are also a great number of inexpensive airlines with direct flights to Valencia.

Dental Turism

Combine a pleasant stay in the city of Valencia and the Costa Azahar with a relaxing visit to the dentist. In our clinic we receive many patients from outside the Province of Valencia and even from outside of Spain.


Dr. Gómez is an international leader in implantology. More than 18 years of experience and training at the prestigious University of Tubingen, where he did his doctoral thesis, thanks to which today the success of an implant con be measured.

The best materials and the best techniques result in a treatment with guaranteed success.

Aesthetic Dentistry

Thanks to the advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we can improve your smile with fast treatments , painless and surprisingly affordable.

In our office we are largely dedicated to perform these treatments. We are not only members of aesthetic societies, but Dr. Gómez is also a certified member of the European Society of Esthetic Dentistry (ESED), and has been its General Secretary from 2003 to 2006.

Sports Dentistry

Sports-Dentistry today can help the athlete to improve strength, stability, flexibility, balance and agility. In Dr. Gómez’s office we apply studies from Japan and United States, that show by using an individualized splints for each athlete and sport, you can improve the capabilities of the athlete in a significant percentage.


Our pediatric dentist, Dr Claudia Riveras, is responsible for treating children. She specialized in the University of Valencia, and treats children for over 13 years now. We have an area specially equipped for clinical treatment of children. Dr Riveras can ensure there their dental health in a relaxing environment, adequate and separate from the adult area.


Some people are fortunate enough to have naturally straight, aligned teeth. The size of your teeth and how they fit in your jawbone are decisive reasons for having or not having the correct positioning of your teeth.

Besides genetic reasons, the wrong position of the teeth can be caused by accidents or diseases, loss of teeth that have not been treated in time, habits like thumb-sucking, pressing down with the tongue or lips, a.s.o…

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    We have the latest technology and the latest equipment to make your visit more enjoyable.

    We are experts in making you smile and on top we do it without any pain for you, thanks to the use and further training in conscious sedation techniques, no needles, no side effects.

    Our office is located in a very convenient location for our patients, they can get in with their own vehicles or public transport.


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