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4 Year Warranty

Because we use high quality materials , always ensuring the biocompatibility and our commitment to fixed versus removable dentures , we can guarantee our treatments for 4 years.

This warranty is also based on the careful techniques applied in our office, always trying to respect the tooth on a maximal level and its surroundings.


In our office we believe that a beautiful smile not only provides dental health… but high self-esteem and wellbeing.

Dr. Germán Gómez has learned directly in Dr. Bill Dorfman’s office, known as “The Dentist to the Stars” and dentist of TV’s aesthetic program “Extreme Makeover”, which guarantees the best methodology to obtain the most beautiful smiles!


In our clinic you can pay the way it is more comfortable for you.

In addition to cash payments, we have the possibility of credit card payments (VISA, Mastercard, American Express), as well as through funding.

For residents, funding is performed by the kutxabank, even if you have an account at your bank.

Contact us for terms that best suit your requirements.


However, our collaborating dentists from Odontologos24, can explore the possibility of offering dental services at prices dictated by your dental insurance.

To do so, when you make your appointment, mention your dental insurance. That way your first appointment is free (where permitted by your insurance), if you come with your valid dental insurance card.

Arrange your appointment today... We know how to make you smile!