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Our pediatric dentist, Dr Claudia Riveras, is responsible for treating children. She specialized in the University of Valencia, and treats children for over 13 years now. We have an area specially equipped for clinical treatment of children. Dr Riveras can ensure there their dental health in a relaxing environment, adequate and separate from the adult area.

No pain for the little ones!

Dr Claudia Riveras studied and practiced the techniques of conscious sedation for 2 ½ years in her Master in pediatric dentistry at the University of Valencia.

But even if your baby does not have teeth it is important to begin with the oral hygiene as soon as possible. If you want, we can tell you about the baby’s oral care.


The pediatric dentistry is also responsible for detecting anomalies in the position of the jaws or teeth to send to the orthodontist and restorative treatment if needed.


The restorative treatment mainly consists of treating injuries, sealants, which is slightly sealing the grooves and fissures of teeth without removing dental material just to avoid dental caries, and treat cavities and its consequences.


Prevention for the baby and the mother really begins while you are pregnant. You should go to the dentist for plaque control and gum several times during pregnancy.

First visit

Take your baby to the pediatric dentist for their first visit from his first year as you have three years to inform you about the use of the bottle, as well as measures to prevent tooth decay and other oral diseases. We also report on recommendations for the period of tooth eruption.

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