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Because we value your time, we reduce the waiting room.

If you want you can come with plenty of time and have a coffee in our Lounge while enjoying a relaxed atmosphere.

We firmly believe in the timeliness and nearly every time meet our appointments, in both arriving time and departure time… We know that the pace of modern life leaves little time to enjoy leisure time, family, a.s.o… So we help you get more out of this time, nearly no waiting in our clinic. Say goodbye to making an appointment at a time and suffer the backlog… With our EDP system, we ensure that if you arrive on time, your departure time will also be punctual.

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We have the latest technology and the latest equipment to make your visit more enjoyable.

We are experts in making you smile and on top we do it without any pain for you, thanks to the use and further training in conscious sedation techniques, no needles, no side effects.

Our office is located in a very convenient location for our patients, they can get in with their own vehicles or public transport.