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Implant dentistry aims to replace missing teeth by surgically placing an implant in the maxillary or mandibular bone.

Dental Implants

Dental implants can have different sizes , surfaces and materials. They are a sort of “screws” on which the prosthetic restoration is designed to make it possible to restore your smile.

Starting the process

The process begins with local anesthesia and the placement of the implant, that needs a few months to heal in the bone. During that time you will wear a provisional restoration in your mouth. At the end of that phase, the final restoration is put in and is held in place by the implant(s).


We can replace teeth with implants in a manner that is good for the bone (bone is not lost) and also for you, since the restoration is permanent in your mouth and you do not have to “take out and put in”. In addition, in the majority of cases it is not necessary to file the adjacent teeth. Hooks in the mouth or other retention devices are not seen.

Cases of use

We can use implants when only one tooth has been lost, or many… or even to restore the whole mouth or the jaw that has lost all its teeth.

Other cases

If you have a prosthesis that “dances” in your mouth, there is also the possibility of a treatment with implants. In this case, the implants fix the prosthesis, so that it does not move any more. But it may still be removable.

Your quality of life is much better with a permanent solution in your mouth.


Dr. Gómez made his first implantology-course in the year 1995 in Germany. And he has made his PhD, doctoral thesis in the department of Implantology, being the last doctorate of Prof.Dr. W. Schulte. He is member of the German Society of Implantology, and has undergone a wide range of training in different points of Germany. In some cases we work together with our specialist in implants, Professor Dr. G. Gómez-Román from Germany, in order to guarantee, even in extreme cases, an ideal restoration.


We work with our implant specialist, Prof. Dr. G. Gómez-Román Germany, to ensure, even in extreme cases, an optimal restoration.

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