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Sports Dentistry

Until recently, sports dentistry was just a specialty in charge of the study, review, control, prevention and treatment of injuries and diseases related to orofacial manifestations in athletes, besides maintaining the oral and overall health of the athlete.

New developments

Nowadays, Sports Dentistry can help the athlete improve strength, stability, flexibility, balance and agility. It is based on a splint or tray (a kind of cover for teeth) individualized for each athlete and sport.

It is much more than just protection

Apart from the traditional fields of sport dentistry, including:

  1. Protection – to prevent your teeth from breaking if you receive a hit or impact.
  2. Reconstruction – just in case you have a broken tooth or even completely out of the mouth.
  3. Prevention – we know that infections in the mouth and the overall condition of the mouth directly influences the performance status of the athlete and even in the frequency and potential injury.


Now also, through a special tray we can: Force, Balance, Stamina, Reaction time of the athlete. This is done with a special splint which is worn by the athlete during training and even during competition. Other than that of course we also manufacture traditional protectors.


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